TLCSIRT is our national CSIRT hosted by the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações of Timor-Leste

What do we do?

The motive of TLCSIRT is to build capacity on cyber security in Timor-Leste. For the last 5 years, we are working on the following initiatives:

Incident Response

We run and coordinate Incident Response activities.

Malware Threats Information

We provide Malware and threats information services to members.

Cyber Security Capacity Building

We run seminars and workshops on policy, operation and various technical topics of Cyber Security.


Outline of community here.

Member Entities


Building Your CSIRT Unit

For institutional members, often the first step in acquiring cyber security capacity is to adopt an inhouse CSIRT plan. That would often mean to set up a CSIRT/CERT unit within your IT department, and to equip it with processes and tools for detecting and managing computer incidents on your network.

TLCSIRT can help qualified institutions in setting up and train their CERT/CSIRT units.

Securing Your Network

Once your CERT/CSIRT unit is up, it would begin with implementing processes to protect your Information Communications Systems. Usually, the work starts with the computer network where your CERT/CSIRT unit may deploy an Intrusion Detection System (IDS).

TLCSIRT can train and assist your CERT/CSIRT with setting up an IDS.

Malware Information Service

Then as your CERT/CSIRT unit conducts monitoring of your network, it would need information about threats, malware and other exploits to help detect intrusion and prevent breaches.

TLCSIRT can help with the malware and threats information service.

Incident Response Service

Cyber Security is easier when we work as a community. If one organization is experiencing a computer security incident, it can rely on others in the TLCSIRT community to assist. Sharing information on incidents also benefits the community. Members may learn from an incident such as to patch their own systems against that particular attack vector.

TLCSIRT develops and provides Incident Response services for its members. New members can use the IncRes service to report incidents and to request community assistance.

Capacity Building

TLCSIRT and the ANC run a National Cyber Security Seminar and Workshop Series. This series of seminars and workshops present authorities and experts from national and regional organizations. In the last few years, we have had the honour to work with IDSIRTII/CC and BSSN of Indonesia, APNIC and others. We have also benefitted from the support of JICA Timor-Leste.


There are a good list of open-source tools that could be considered if you are starting up with your CSIRT/CERT unit.

[IDS]: To implement an IDS, consider this Network Intrusion Detection System: Snort.


Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions. We can be reached at support [at] Alternatively, come and talk to us at the National Communications Authority office, MTC Building, Avenida Xavier do Amaral, Dili.